Almost, Maine

Please email to accept or decline the role(s).

We will reply with information for our first read through.

Thank you everyone for auditioning!

Directed by: Bobby Guillory, Kathy Heath, Lori Tarver

Producer: Kris Webster



Pete - Zac Hammons

Ginette - Noelie Puckett

Her Heart:

East - Kerry Wilson

Glory - Jennie Stevens

Sad and Glad:

Jimmy - Zac Hammons

Sandrine - Alex Tyler

Waitress - Angelika Salazar

This Hurts

Marvalyn - Noelie Puckett

Steve - Richard Doss

Getting It Back

Gayle - Alex Tyler

Lendall - Michael Davis

They Fell

Randy - Kerry Wilson

Chad - Richard Doss

Where It Went

Phil - Zac Hammons

Marci - Jennie Stevens

Story of Hope

Hope - Angelika Salazar

Man - Kerry Wilson

Seeing the Thing

Rhonda - Katy Cole

Dave - Michael Davis