Diane Flatt


Ebenezer Scrooge – Skipper Drost

Bob Cratchit/Hugo Harty – Zac Hammons

Nephew (Harry) /Ebenezer (Young scrooge) – Brahnsen Lopez

Kathy Cratchit – Catherine Drost

Tiny Tim - Malachi Doucet

Marley - Damien Thibodeaux

Isabel/Bess the Fruit Seller - Lilly Guilbeau

Mrs. Carstairs/Helen/Understudy for Isabel - Amelia Miller

Jocelyn Jollygoode/Fezziwig/Tavern Owner – Bob Goodson

Mrs. Dilber/ School Teacher – Kassi Hammons

Miss Dilber/ Mary – Darian Hodge

The ghost of Christmas past/Baker – Bailey George

Jen/Martha Cratchit/ Urchin – Caroline George

Tomasina Jenkins/Mrs. Fezziwig – Markie Hebert

Mrs. Cratchit - Ashley Mayeux

Belinda Cratchit/Urchin - Adeline Spiers

Punch and Judy Man/Topper - Larenzo Carrier

Mr. Pringle, the toy shop owner/Bisset the Butcher/Wine Merchant - Clay Hebert

The Ghost of Christmas Present/The Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come – Daniel Perez

Urchin/Boy with sled – Noah Hebert

Stage Manager

Mark Bowling

Directed by:

Kris Perez Webster