Clay Hebert

Kris Webster

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King Arthur - Mark Herbert
Patsy - Kelly Rowland
Sir Robin - Robert Goodson
Sir Lancelot - Aaron Webster
Sir Galahad - Corey Tarver
Lady of the Lake - Markie Hebert
Sir Bedevere - Taylor Novak-Tyler
Not Dead Fred - Lori Tarver
Dennis Galahad's Mother/Concorde - Brahnsen Lopez
Historian/Brother Maynard - Ryan Domingue
Prince Herbert/Minstrel - Dustin Duffy
Knight of Ni/The Black Knight - Kathy Heath
God/Tim the Enchanter - Payton Smith
Prince Herbert's Father - Frank Cooper
Mayor of Finland - Leah Robinson
The French Taunter - Aimee Mayeux
Guard 1 - Jacob Terracina
French Guard - Darian Hodge
French Person - Jenny Howell